franck and edwin creators of the workshop of little words

Who are we ?

We are Franck and Edwin , we are based in the south of France, in a small village in Hérault. In 2021 we decided to take the plunge and create the small jewelry engraving workshop that we had dreamed of for a long time.

Having your own workshop, personalizing jewelry, nothing is more beautiful than that for us! For a year now, we have been creating pretty jewelry at your request and we must admit, we really like it!

From dream to reality

Creating your business, opening your workshop, making a living from your passion, it takes time, patience and a lot of courage. We thought a lot about our project before launching and today we are very happy to receive your orders, your requests for personalized jewelry, your little messages of love and friendship. Every piece of jewelry we create for you makes us a little happier every day!

Jewelry for each of you

Every order we receive is always a special order for us. Because each piece of jewelry offered is for us like a proof of love. Whether for a friend, a partner, a family member, each personalized piece of jewelry represents a little bit of you. And we love creating the best for you, seeing your pleasure in giving and your happiness in receiving.

Each order fills us with joy and we thank you enormously for the choice you make, of helping a small French business and by choosing personalized jewelry in France.

Jewelry engraved in France

jewel engraved in France

It was very important for us to offer quality jewelry engraved in France. We take great care in preparing the personalized visuals that you request from us to offer to the person you love. From the creation of personalization, to engraving through the careful packaging of your orders, it is with a lot of love and joy that we prepare your orders, which we ship from our small workshop located in a small village South of France.

304 stainless steel jewelry

For the creation of personalized jewelry and the associated engraving, our choice fell on 304 stainless steel. Indeed, this material is one of the highest quality available with an unbeatable value for money. 304 stainless steel is a resistant material, which is not afraid of water and which does not blacken. It is therefore durable and does not oxidize.

The engraving that we carry out is laser engraving. We do not use any paint, so the engraving lasts over time.

A catalog that evolves

At Atelier des Petits Mots, we are always looking for new jewelry to offer you. New trendy bracelets, new personalized necklaces, new fashionable rings to have a catalog that grows over time and follows the latest trends while offering timeless items that last over time.

We always want to offer you the best, because we know that every gift we give to our loved one must be the best!

To you who support us!

We can never tell you enough: THANK YOU !

Many thanks to you who support us, who send us lovely messages of thanks… To you who trust us on a daily basis, who follow us on social networks. To you who make our small business a great adventure! You are the best !

You have chosen to support a small French company, a small workshop that works with love and, without you we would not exist! So thank you for existing!

See you soon,

Franck & Edwin, creators of the Atelier des Petits Mots